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David is unlike any keynoter you may have had before. He is full of creativity, energy and vitality, and will not only bring a powerful message to his audience, but leave them with a big smile, or a thoughtful challenge.

For over 25 years Dr. David Preston Sharp has been sharing powerful principles and practical tools of successful living, working and connecting in his unique way.

Dr. Sharp has traveled extensively as a keynote speaker and inspirational performer. His keynotes are always dynamic, insightful and engaging, and he has the ability to bridge diverse cultures and age groups to bring a powerful, uplifting message.

He has keynoted numerous national conferences and civic events and has been recognized for his powerful delivery and engaging presence. He has mastered the art of focusing a conference theme with wit and wisdom while inspiring listeners to move past their own boundaries, increase productivity, or truly engage or re-engage their own vast potential.

David utilizes and incorporates his many talents to drive home critical points in his speeches or to create a new perspective for the audience. He may break into a song, tap dance, or recite poetry during the course of his talk in order to illustrate a point or add emphasis to a message, or to bring life to an audience while a message is delivered.

Listeners leave his keynote lectures, readings and live performances inspired and renewed. They are powerful presentations that point us to the roots of our being and help us in remembering who we really are, whether the occasion is in a corporate setting, school, or institution.

David has keynoted for many major companies and civic organizations including Apple, Chevron, AT&T, U.S. Postal Service, NAACP, and the National Association of Black Educators.

For your next special event, invite Dr. David Preston Sharp to tailor a presentation for your needs. 

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