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Finding God In Your Everyday Life…is an art.

This workshop/seminar explores ways to deepen one’s ability to find the hidden presence of the divine.

God is a hidden God. Hiding in the world…hiding in us, in plain view. This divine presence is asking us to seek in order to find. The question is, do we have the spiritual eyes to see?

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In five sessions over the course of a weekend, we will explore the “how to” of seeing God in all things.

God is everywhere all the time, but I have seen so many people, including myself, doubt this. So, I set out once and for all to understand what I believed in my heart. I discovered that there is a way to always be in touch with the knowledge that God is in all things, always.

Even a crack in the sidewalk?


Even the most dilapidated housing?


Even the most difficult person?


No matter what you are doing or where you are, the divine is also present. But to “see” this truth, you must become an artist skilled at seeing the presence of the divine.

Like any art, this takes time, knowledge and practice. And like any art, it takes imagination, creativity, sensitivity, and inspiration. It takes the ability to look beyond and through things, noticing not just the surface of things, not just what our physical senses can pick up, but also perceiving what is below the surface, deep inside… that which is hidden and mysterious, but there for anyone who cares to explore the depths beyond what is obvious.



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