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Acts of the Spirit

This is a workshop that uses the art of acting to awaken the senses and connect us to life in a unique and profound way. It exercises the imagination and demands the expansion of creativity. Employing many of the techniques used to train actors. This workshop will explore the human body as a divine instrument. It will become a source of insight into our humanity and a tool to deepen our spirituality.

We will take a slow look at life, including its ordinary events, our smallest actions, movements, thoughts and behaviors. We will stop moments in time and observe them, looking for their divinity. In a simple act we will wait for the sacred to emerge. We will listen for the power contained in a single word and feel the energy of a pregnant pause.

Acts of the spirit will increase sensitivity and awareness of how closely connected we are to the world around us. We will learn how to take in our surroundings, embody them and make them human. We will walk with wild animals, clothe ourselves with the sun, and become other creations. We will see how the cosmos is truly ours when we pause… to let it fill us.

We will learn how to move energy into different areas of our body and consciously channel this energy to help us mimic behavior and mirror different types of people. We will learn how to pay attention to ourselves to alter emotion and behavior. Imagination is challenged to become more flexible, that we might learn to bring more sensitivity and creativity to the goings-on of our daily lives. The more creative we are, the more we can use that creativity to improvise and adapt to the challenges we face. We will act with a confidence that comes from being a more agile and imaginative thinker, one who can change perspective and look at life from other points of view.

“Acts of the Spirit” will allow us to see the extraordinary in the ordinary; the magic in the mundane. We will learn to be mirrors reflecting life, and we will explore the creative process that can transform it. This class will be fun, serious, exciting, and provocative. In a climate of trust and emotional safety we will challenge ourselves to let go and let the spirit ‘act’ in us as we explore and practice the art of what I call living out loud!

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