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I have been a professional speaker since 1981, but it started at six years old, when I was chosen to officiate a Thom Thumb wedding. Then, in third grade, I won an award for my deliverance of the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. I still have the trophy, in my office, as a visible reminder that we all have a start to whatever our lives and work are now, and that it all connects in some way, and makes sense when we stop to contemplate our path.

Since those early days I have spoken at countless events, enjoyed meeting new people and sharing insights and common challenges to life. And the gift I am privileged to have and share with you is that of giving inspiring messages to help us all keep on keeping on, which then allows the opportunity of personal growth and spiritual deepening.

  • author presentation

    During this presentation I will discuss important insights in my book, I’m a Black Man, Who are You? as well as recite selected pieces of poetry, discuss the four powerful words that echo in my family history, and demonstrate the beauty and gift that is tap dancing.

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  • keynote speaker

    David is unlike any keynoter you may have had before. He is full of creativity, energy and vitality, and will not only bring a powerful message to his audience, but leave them with a big smile, or a thoughtful challenge.

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  • motivational speaker

    David is the founder and president of Power For Life Now, teaching adults and youth how to increase personal power and gain access to more of their potential. Sharing principles and practical tools of successful living for over twenty-five years, David’s motivational lectures are dynamic, insightful and engaging, and his messages reach across diverse cultures and age groups.

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