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Innertainment is a unique way of learning and expanding. It is a heart-centered approach that has as its goal, the attainment of spiritual growth and maturity. Innertainment seeks to expand the soul and deepen the spirit. It combines the arts as a form of meditation, with education; that is, knowledge which opens the door to wisdom and understanding. There can also be a component of entertainment, which ushers in joy, and even fun! The combination of these three things can act as a catalyst to expand perspective and raise one’s own consciousness. Innertainment opens the heart and readies the mind to receive and achieve new breakthroughs in the art of living.

Innertainment is a play on the words entertainment and attainment. Entertainment is something that initiates the state of being entertained or amused, such as a show or performance of some kind. It could also be anything that brings diversion, from a gathering of friends having good conversation, to a party or celebration, to going to the amusement park.  Entertainment is usually associated with enjoyment. People commonly seek entertainment as a break from the stress of work and the tedium of life. Innertainment, on the other hand, is concept that initiates an awareness of Spirit. Entertainment, in the best sense of the word, may have elements of spirituality, but the sole purpose of Innertainment is the conscious expansion of soul and spirit.

Much of today’s pop entertainment is more about satiating the senses than stimulating spiritual awareness. That is not to say there is not quality entertainment, such work that brings a smile or makes us laugh while challenging us to think, feel, and even change. I have always maintained that the best entertainment seeks to do just that. In general though, only some of the time is it a goal of entertainment to achieve this level. Innertainment however, seeks to do this all of the time.

David Sharp Innertainer Extraordinaire The purpose is to help people attain:
  • inner spiritual growth.
  • outer spiritual awareness.
  • an ever-growing ability to recognize divinity.
  • a sensitivity that allows them to feel the divine presence inside their own souls.
  • an ability sense the divine presence in the cosmos.
  • recognition of our interdependence with each other, with our animal cousins, and with nature.

Innertainment encourages each of us to become
modern-day mystics and calls for the artist to emerge in each person.

When I work as a motivational speaker in schools, corporations or government offices, it is usually quite a shock when, during a seemingly straightforward lecture, I begin singing or step away from the podium to tap dance in order to illustrate a point or bring life to an image or story. These elements of entertainment are never meant merely to amuse, but to teach. Although the entertainment value is acknowledged it is always subordinate to the work of teaching about Spirit.

How can Innertainment help me?

Innertainment is helpful because it is an approach that serves as a bridge to engage in a conscious contact with the Creator God, as we understand God.

We are all familiar with being touched deeply by a song, or a movie, or a performance, but perhaps do not delve deeply into the whys. Innertainment is a bridge that takes you to the deeper realms of meaning and fountains of growth.

Innertainment…which is what I call my work, whether it is my writing, poetry, compositions or songs; whether I am singing, tap dancing, or speaking; is a conscious acknowledgment that the work is about engaging the parts of us that help us expand and become more of what we can be.

This is not about a religion, sect, or specific spiritual path. It is simply about recognizing that all of life is divine, and there is a way to access the deeper resources of life and gain for ourself the gifts offered.

When I am invited or hired to come and speak or present, you will know that there is an appeal to the deep parts of you, and a way of engagement that plumbs the depths of soul while still having fun. Humor and joy are grand vehicles for human growth, and I employ them liberally. There is plenty of pain to go around. Innertainment does not shy away from these things, but sees them as part of life, a life that is always ready to help us grow, transform, and become.

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