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KGNU Radio Interview

KGNU Radio- Maeve Conran, Co-director Public Affairs interviewed Dr. David Sharp on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013

Tap Dancing Preacher: David Sharp Gets Innovative

David Sharp knew when not to go into the kitchen.  Clang. Clang. Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat.

The ruckus he heard from behind the door was his mom, loudly and furiously working out a problem. As she confronted the pain, the sound would grow thunderous.  Bang. Bang. Crack.  Faster.  Whirrrrrrrrr. So fast that all of the stomps and smacks seemed to roll into one explosive hurricane coming from her feet.

And then -- shuffle, shuffle, tap. The sounds brightened. Click, click. Playful. Clap, clap. It was over. Mother was back. The kitchen was safe.
by Aimee Heckel

The Rev. Dr. David Sharp: Tap Dance Preacher

‘Are you tap dancing around your problems?’ asks the Reverend Dr. David Sharp as he shuffles in a desultory circle. Hopping into the middle, he sets up a riff and shouts, ‘Jump to the center and work it out.’ Now dropping into the splits, he hollers, ‘Sometimes you might make a mistake,’ before rising smoothly to a standing position and exhorting the congregation to 'pick themselves right back up again.'
by Don Morreale

The Art & Soul of Urban Living

Highlighting the Diversity of our Culture in the Bay Area

Do You Know a Way to get S.J. Noticed? San Jose Mercury News

The idea behind the song is to make San Jose more marketable to out-of-towners. "Any great city, any grand city has an identity that people can tell you about," said David Sharp, editor in chief of San Jose-based Soul Mag. "When you mention San Jose to people ... there is no identifiable entity that makes San Jose stand out."
by Sal Pizarro

"Focus on Faith" Article in the Daily Times

As a drama major at the Uuniversity of Southern California, his goal was to be the next Sammy Davis Jr. or Ben Vereen. But a few years after graduation, Rev. Dr. David Sharp felt called to the ministry.  "Since then,I've been back and forth between church and show business," Sharp said. "After awhile, they just coalesce into this crazy life." Some people don't get it how ministers can be professional entertainers.
by Joan Gielow

"Broadway in Brief" Dance Magazine Article

On the surface. Once on tris Island the (long) one-act faux naif musical set in lhe Caribbean is merry, upbeat, and uplifting. Full of tinselly costume effects. Story theatre staging and forthright performances.
by Nancy Dalva

Suddenly There Came a Tapping

A compact performer who danced in the original Broadway productions of West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof, Los Angeles-based Alfred Desio offered a concert of tap dancers featuring electronically amplified tap shoes: the sound zapped through synthesizers, special effect modules, and a battery of other equipment.
by Burt Supree

Dance Review of Alfredo Desio: "Zapped Tapped"

Alfred Desio is one terrrific tap dancer. So are David Sharp and Damon Winmon, two tap dancers who shared Mr. Desio's program, "Zapped Taps." In its New York premiere the three men danced, sometimes solo, sometimes with one another and always with zest, precision and subtlety. Roger Boyce drummed expertly in three pieces, "Percussion Cushion," and "Rock Out," both solos, and " Implants," a duet with Mr. Desio.
by Martene Harding

The Dance; Alfred Desio, In a Tap-Dancing Program

ALFRED DESIO offered the perfect hot-weather entertainment on Monday at the Dance Theater Workshop's Bessie Schonberg Theater, under the aegis of the workshop's summer "Out-of-Towners" series. Mr. Desio and his two engaging sidekicks, Damon Winmon and David Sharp, danced and acted their way through 11 numbers, two of them choreographed by Mr. Sharp, that involved an amazing variety of electronic equipment.
by Jennifer Dunning

Monumental Headache - TV Guide

David Sharp pictured center stage.
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