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I am a Black Man, Who are You? Book CoverI’m a Black Man, Who are You?

In this autobiographical story set in the deep south of the United States during the turbulence of the 1960’s, Dr. David Sharp recounts the life lessons that sparked the discovery of his own uniqueness, inner beauty, joy, passion and power.

From the first understanding of himself as “different” he allows you inside his journey toward self-acceptance. He shares how he learned to claim who he really is, and shows you the people who helped him find the strength and courage to do so.

You will see how truth, wisdom and humor are used not just to survive, but thrive; and how the ability to “dance the blues away” or “laugh, cry, complain and count your blessings at the same time” are two of the many heroic responses to life’s deep pains.

The story features Mbase, a long dead ancestor, who reaches through time to become part of the journey. He guides with wit and compassion and offers a reminder of the four powerful that have echoed in their family through the generations.

I’m a Black Man, Who are You? is a triumph of the human spirit. It will inspire you to look at yourself “differently” and answer more clearly the grand question life asks… WHO ARE YOU?

I’m a Black Man, Who are You? is available now at Amazon Book Sellers. Click here to purchase.

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