Tap Into Transformation, March

Can You Feel It?


March 4, 2016   
7-9 pm

Viriditas Studio
4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65
Boulder, CO 80304


Soul filled singer; Life giving dancer
Like an angel of love with grooves and moves.

This month’s Tap Into Transformation will once again focus on the magic and joy of Michael Jackson, one of the most powerful artists the world has ever known. A dynamic and original performer, he created dance steps the world continues to move to and imitate. AND SO WILL WE. Come and learn some MJ moves we can do with tap shoes on! This is going to be FUUNNN!! Imagine… the moonwalk, hips, shoulders, arms, hands and fancy footwork! Yes, you will leave the evening with a spring in your step as you take the world by storm with your cool new tap dancing. We promise you will be FEELING IT!

MJ graphic

Join us… husband and wife duo Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Sharp. We are performers and teachers who inspire others in the adventure of life. Join us in a transformational evening of tap dancing, song, poetry and more in our gorgeous Viriditas Studio in North Boulder. You will laugh, smile and stomp your feet while feeling the joy of moving your body and opening your heart to awe, wonder, beauty, gratitude and more.

Our world so needs each of us to step out onto the stage of life and make manifest our great potential. Let us pave the way for you to do this through the power of creativity in action.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity, in a creative community, to acknowledge and share your own gifts, or be inspired to dive into new ones! We will teach you tap steps, and with these tools, we will journey into our hearts to explore and celebrate the human journey, honor its triumphs and challenges, and spark new breakthroughs in the art of living. We will create rhythms, rhymes, celebration and joy with our feet, voices and bodies. And we will deepen insights into our personal journeys through reflection, contemplation and conversation.

To Reserve Tickets:
$20.00 admission
1.888.612.8189 or www.viriditasllc.com

No experience necessary and we provide the tap shoes!

Come manifest your most powerful creative self while having an absolute blast!

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