Power For Life Now, August newsletter

I hope you are all enjoying your summer!

cloud headThis month’s Tap Into Transformation was about breathing out. It is what summer vacation is all about. But sometimes even on vacation we don’t relax, what with all the running around many do in order to see the sites and take in the tourist attractions. Jeannine and I took the theme of Breathing Out and used the song “Sigh” by world artist Praful. It is a beautiful instrumental that musically communicates what it feels like to truly breathe out deeply… and relax.

We had our participants stretch out their muscles first… take deep breaths, and slowly release. We used the tap sounds to tap into those places we need to breathe out in our minds, hearts, souls… and body! After a meal together, which is another way to breathe out in community, we took our time and drew pictures of what it feels like to relax and let go for a while our responsibilities, jobs, duties, issues, worries… and just BE. It was a beautiful experience that I think will stay with us all for some time.

August also brought a wonderful experience of African music our way. Or, I should say we went to go experience it – in Oregon, of all places! Jeannine and I attended ZIMFEST, a weekend of Zimbabwean music. It was held at Western Oregon University. wou - 3

We took classes, listened to concerts and communed with the teachers, students and participants who came to play, learn and share the joy of the Zimbabwean people. Jeannine’s marimba group, Titandare, played in an afternoon concert. CLICK HERE to listen.

I took a Hosho Class. It may look like a simple instrument to play, but can be as complex as you want it, depending on your hearing ability to pick up rhythms and make them so that it fits with what is played by the other musicians.

I learned the process of making these amazing instruments. It takes weeks and months. The gourds have to be picked, dried (which takes many weeks), scooped out, dipped, filled, etc. before they are ready to become part of the music-making world. I took to the instrument so well (kind of tap dancing with the hands) that Jeannine surprised me by gifting me with some as part of our fourth anniversary celebration, which happened to be in the same week.

Being in Oregon was truly wonderful gift. The Oregon coast is gorgeous! We drove from Cannon Beach to Newport. Here are a couple of pics for your enjoyment.


Wherever your summer has taken you… even if you had a Stay-cation, I hope you have had the opportunity to breathe out some.

And as always,

May you have Power For Life Now!



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