New Year’s Eve Celebration!


Greetings! I am sending you a special invitation to join me on NEW YEAR’S EVE in my premiere performance as the new vocalist with Mass Hipsteria!



Saturday, Dec 31
New Year’s Eve 2016 into 2017 with Mass Hipsteria!

Genre: Dance/R&B
Two Shows:
3-Course Dinner & Show 6:30pm-9:30pm
Ring In the New Year Show 10:00pm – 12:30am
Mass Hipsteria, Denver Metro’s hottest horn band, draws inspiration from the great horn bands of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000 decades, playing classic and contemporary Motown, R&B, Funk, Soul and Rock hits. Mass Hipsteria’s 5-piece horn section, tight, groovin’ rhythm and incredible vocals will make any event the best ever!

First Seating – 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
3-Course Dinner
Champagne Toast
$70 per person *includes gratuity

Second Seating – 10:00 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.
Ring in the New Year Show
Champagne Toast
$35 per person admission

2675 Northpark Dr.,
Lafayette, CO 80022
(303) 665-2757


6th Annual NoBo Art District Group Show

In February, instead of hostiNOBO_logong our usual Tap Into Transformation, Jeanine and I will be participating in the opening reception of the 6th Annual NoBo Art District Group Show.

Date: Friday, Feb. 5, 2016
Time: 6-9 pm
Location: First Congregational Church, Broadway & Pine.

The NoBo Art District is an artist run organization dedicated to promoting the 220+ artists and creative industries clustered along Broadway in North Boulder, Colorado. Characterized by a mix of artist friendly industrial warehouses, new urbanist neighborhoods, retail and restaurants, the NoBo Art District’s current heart is at the intersection of Broadway and Yarmouth Avenue with many artists’ studios fanning out from there within walking distance of each other. Viriditas Studio is one of those studios. For more information about the NoBo Art District, check out the NoBo website: 

Jeannine and I will be tap dancing, singing and reciting poetry at the opening reception. We have created some new choreography to some Michael Jackson music which you do not want to miss! Jeannine will be singing St. Hildegard’s O Viridissima Virga and I will be reciting my new poem What Is Soul? Also, Jeannine’s painting of St. Hildegard’s Illumination which is the heart of the final scene of Feather’s On The Breath of God will be part of the art show which will be on display at the church through March.

There are lots of other great activities happening throughout this entire event. Check them out in the flier below:


Jeannine and I hope to see you at the reception!

May you have Power For Life Now!

Sharpettes and Annie Ruth’s Truths, December

I began creating what I call Sharpettes over 30 years ago. As a speaker and writer they became my own way of sharpening my understanding of the meaning, power, and energy of a single word. I am sharing them publicly now in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The first line is the word.
The second line defines or describes the word twice, 4 syllables for each attempt. You may place a comma or semi-colon between each attempt. So, the second line has a total of 8 syllables.
The third line is a simile. It always begins with the word “Like”, and paints a picture of the word in 10 or 11 syllables.

On some Sharpettes the 4th or 5th syllable of the third line will rhyme with the word on the first line itself. This can yield another insight into the word chosen, and provides a unique and fun poetic challenge.



hot dog dog tp

High jinks
Mischievous pranks; rowdy, playful
Like the antics of bored cats, dogs…and teens.


Annie Ruth’s Truths are my renderings of folk wisdom and country common sense, gained from a lifetime of listening to my mom, who has a unique way with words, as well as a witty, joyous and playful attitude to go with it! Always fun or sassy, they tell the truth and can make you laugh, shake your head and go “Hmph!” or even make you shout, “Whaaat?!”

Annie Ruth & David Sharp

Annie Ruth, 80 years old, is making some of her famous dressing the night before a family dinner. While pouring the sauce over the stuffing, she says:

“Oh, I forgot to put in a couple of ingredients in the sauce.”

Son David, (being a smart aleck): “Well, let me put my finger in it. It’ll add whatever’s needed.”

(Laughter from the family members present)

Annie Ruth: “Well, wait. Let me heat it up REAL hot first, then you can stick your finger in it.”