Ode to Stephen Curry.

If you are a basketball fan, as I am, then you know we are in the midst of the 2015 NBA playoffs. It has been refreshing to see new teams emerge; teams that have not been so far in the playoffs for many years; teams like the Los Angeles Clippers, the Washington Wizards, the Atlanta Hawks and the Memphis Grizzlies. But there is one team, the Golden State Warriors, who are capturing the imaginations and attention of all fans. And mostly it is because of one player, Stephen Curry. Stephen Curry is the best shooter in the NBA. In fact, we have not seen anyone quite like him… ever. And it got me to thinking about whether his skill could transfer to other jobs. It made me wonder what it might feel like to be Stephen… to see what he sees… and do what he does, with such grace and beauty – making it all look so effortless.

SC dribble

We all have talents and skills, and we perform our work within the framework our own work ethic. What do you do well, that you make look easy? Whatever it is… I would think it is a clue as to where we should put our energies. It is a gift. And so is Stephen Curry to the game of basketball. In that spirit, I have created a poem to recognize his original and amazing talent. And I leave you with this question: If a poem was written about you and your great talent… what would that poem be about? What would it say?

I urge you to write a poem… and ode… to your own genius and talent. No one has to read it. It can be your own recognition of what has been given to you… of what you have been gifted with.

But if you want a reader, I would be glad to read a poem about you… written by you! In the meantime… enjoy this fun poem about a phenomenal talent.

Ode to Stephen Curry

SC shooting midair

With shot so smooth and arc so high
He aims with expert eagle eye;
while on a dime he stops and sets,
so quick he does release and lets
the ball fly off on some strange coarse
that leads the fans to become hoarse…
as ball goes in with one loud splash
as they all shout and let a gasp
of air come forth as witness to
the greatest flights that ever flew.

How does one shoot with such great skill…
from such a distance – with such will?
A basketball has never been
so lucky to be heaved and sent
aloft in front of screaming crowds
and splashed into the nets so loud.

SC dribbling

And thinking more about his skill
I do not doubt that he could fill
many other jobs, and be as great,
like Governor and Head of State.
Stephen for president? Yes, indeed!
He’d solve our problems with quickest speed.
His dribble drive would move him through
large hurdles as he reaches to
the goal that he is hoping for,
as all the world does watch him score!

And inspiration he does lend
to all who sees how he does bend
the minds who come to see his genius…
glad to know that he is with us…
not against but on our side…
scoring points with fearless pride.

SC layup

And when the last shot does go up,
headed for the netted cup;
coach, and fans and players stop
and stare at where the ball might drop.
But Stephen backs up slow and sure,
while ball flies through the air so pure.
Stephen moves back, he already knows
exactly where the ball will go…
and when it does, the crowd goes wild
as opposing teams just look, beguiled.

Who is this man, from Golden State…
who shoots so well, and dribbles so great?
of skill and effort all rolled into one,
who is a basketball…icon?

He’s a Warrior, and the MVP…
He’s Stephen Curry… A sight to see!

NBA: Orlando Magic at Golden State Warriors

May you have Power For Life Now!




Sharpettes and Annie Ruth’s Truths, May

I began creating what I call Sharpettes over 30 years ago. As a speaker and writer they became my own way of sharpening my understanding of the meaning, power, and energy of a single word. I am sharing them publicly now in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The first line is the word.
The second line defines or describes the word twice, 4 syllables for each attempt. You may place a comma or semi-colon between each attempt. So, the second line has a total of 8 syllables.
The third line is a simile. It always begins with the word “Like”, and paints a picture of the word in 10 or 11 syllables.

On some Sharpettes the 4th or 5th syllable of the third line will rhyme with the word on the first line itself. This can yield another insight into the word chosen, and provides a unique and fun poetic challenge.



lit matches

To cause to act, To spark new drive
Like burning a candle under one’s seat


Annie Ruth’s Truths are my renderings of folk wisdom and country common sense, gained from a lifetime of listening to my mom, who has a unique way with words, as well as a witty, joyous and playful attitude to go with it! Always fun or sassy, they tell the truth and can make you laugh, shake your head and go “Hmph!” or even make you shout, “Whaaat?!”




Good, better, best… Never let it rest until the good is better… and the better, best.