Tap Into Transformation, August.

Let’s sing, dance, and grow together while having an absolute BLAST!

Hooray for Hawaii!


August 1, 2014 7:00 – 9:00 pm

At the Viriditas Studio
4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65
Boulder, CO 80304

Ukeleles; Hawaiian Dance
Like Love’s Aloha to La Luau of Life.


Slip on a green grass skirt… spray on some rosewater… and dance like the ocean! Inspired by Herb Rodriguez and Jeannine Goode-Allen, this month we are celebrating joy and nature as we do Hula dancing in tap shoes. Get ready to put your feet in the sand and sway your hips to the soothing sounds of ukuleles. Enjoy roasted pork, pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut and Viriditas Mai Tais. We invite you to bring a poem or even better, a Sharpette celebrating nature. We guarantee you will go home swaying like the breeze in the palm trees.



Join husband and wife duo Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Sharp in an evening of transformational song, poetry and tap dancing in our gorgeous and inspiring Viriditas Studio in North Boulder. You will laugh, smile and stomp your feet while feeling the joy of moving your body and opening your heart to awe, wonder, beauty, gratitude and more.

Our world so needs each of us to step out onto the stage of life and make manifest our great potential. Experience us as we pave the way to do this by exhibiting the power of Divinity In Action through our spectacular and fun gifts.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity, in a creative community, to acknowledge and share your own gifts, or be inspired to dive into new ones! We will teach you tap steps, and with these tools, we will journey into our hearts to explore and celebrate the human journey, honor its triumphs and challenges, and spark new breakthroughs in the art of living. We will create rhythms, poetry, prayers and praise with our feet, our voices and our bodies, individually and as a group.

We also have djembe drums and rhythm instruments… so come and play with us, even if you cannot put on the tap shoes, or don’t want to just yet!

To Reserve Tickets:
1.888.612.8189 or www.viriditasllc.com
$15.00 admission $10.00 students
No experience necessary and we provide the tap shoes!

Let’s sing, dance, and grow together while having an absolute BLAST!

The Circle of Life

I recently had the honor and privilege of being of service to a family in one of the most poignant circumstances I have ever experienced. I was preparing for a wedding when the father of the bride passed away. Being long time friends, and traveling from a different state, I was asked to also prepare to conduct the funeral.  The wedding courageously went forward, the wake was the next day followed by the funeral the next.

The circle of life… is not so much at times a circle. It is a zigzag, crooked rocky road with sudden twists and turns, holes and bumps that can jar you greatly and leave you shaken to the core as you travel along the road of life.


As a minister I was moved beyond words to be useful in the beautiful, loving, albeit grief-stricken emotional energy I was in. As a friend I was deeply saddened at the great loss of an incredibly good person who was a husband, father, son… and… and.

Weddings can reconnect you to the exquisite joy of love, romance and commitment. It can remind us to love each other with a power whose source comes from God. And funerals, especially those of friends or relatives we love, can make us feel the final, imminent reality of our own earthly lives.

circle of life leaves

However, if we look deeper, with the eyes of faith, we are reminded that we are spirits having a human experience. We came from somewhere and we will go somewhere. Our bodies are but vehicles of learning in this world. I cannot prove that life goes on after we leave our bodies, or that we take what we have learned; but the scientific research is catching up to what people of faith, mediums, clairvoyants, and other people with very specific gifts of seeing past this world have told us all along. When we die we don’t die.


My own mother will be 80 years old in November. She may outlive me… but still, I am renewed and awake again to the preciousness of every single day of life I get to live. That I can kiss my wife, tell her I love her… that we can share laughter and talk about life and its myriad facets… that I can hug my kids and let them know how proud I am of them and how happy I am to be their dad… that I can play golf and feel the frustrations of my imperfect play, but still have fun and soak in the sun while going for a good walk. There are, of course too many things I could name, but I mention these few to make the point.

How long will this newness last? I don’t know, but I think I will carry the pricelessness and gift of each breath longer in my consciousness before it gets lost in or sucked back down into the minutia of everyday life.


But I am not so sure that it will.

Why do I think that? Perhaps it is because I am older. Perhaps I am more mature. Perhaps I know I am closer to my own time. Whatever it is that gets us there, it is a precious place to be.

What keeps you connected to the preciousness of life?

May you have Power for Life Now!



Sharpettes and Annie Ruth’s Truths, July

I began creating what I call Sharpettes over 30 years ago. As a speaker and writer they became my own way of sharpening my understanding of the meaning, power, and energy of a single word. I am sharing them publicly now in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The first line is the word.
The second line defines or describes the word twice, 4 syllables for each attempt. You may place a comma or semi-colon between each attempt. So, the second line has a total of 8 syllables.
The third line is a simile. It always begins with the word “Like”, and paints a picture of the word in 10 or 11 syllables.

On some Sharpettes the 4th or 5th syllable of the third line will rhyme with the word on the first line itself. This can yield another insight into the word chosen, and provides a unique and fun poetic challenge.



Set on goal’s reach, Cannot be swayed
Like the will to win no matter the odds



Annie Ruth’s Truths are my renderings of folk wisdom and country common sense, gained from a lifetime of listening to my mom, who has a unique way with words, as well as a witty, joyous and playful attitude to go with it! Always fun or sassy, they tell the truth and can make you laugh, shake your head and go “Hmph!” or even make you shout, “Whaaat?!”


On work:
Look in the mirror. Tell yourself that you are good at what you do. If you are not, then be honest and vow to get good. Then do it.
There is no other way… make the sacrifice…spend the time…do the work… and make it fun!
Then… if the opportunity doesn’t come…well, you are still good!
But the Bible says in PROVERBS 18:16 that a [person’s] man’s gifts make room for [them] him…
And that I believe.




Power For Life Now, July Newsletter

Tap Into Transformation July was a great success! We had thirteen people show up on the fourth of July. We danced to Bruce Springsteen and Katy Perry. I think it was one of the best Tap Into Transformations in our two years of doing it, in terms of my challenging the group with the choreography and their execution of it. Why was this? I don’t know! We have a mixture of new people and attendees that have joined us almost every month. Maybe it was the holiday. Maybe it was the theme, “You’re a Firework!” The choreography captured well that we are all really a work of fire… a firework! We are full of passion. We are rich with amazing colors in our personality and we are shining our light and exploding our being into the world in a most positive way. This is one of the reasons I think Tap Into Transformation works really well. After a certain age or stage of life we tend not to move as much; especially in ways that make us move with power, force and intention. It’s been great fun to watch everyone spin, turn and jump, stomp the floor, throw their hands up in the air and use their arms to express themselves in creative ways. Tap Into Transformation invites you to move your body in ways we don’t normally move in everyday life. This can open the spirit in beautiful and surprising ways… allowing people to access feelings and insights into their own life that they might not gain otherwise. Jeannine and I realize that we have been blessed to create a safe environment for men and women to stretch beyond their comfort zones in a fun way. The last thing that I taught them was the classic Time Step. I didn’t think I would be able to teach them this beautiful step because it was actually time to break and enjoy a wonderful dinner. However, they didn’t want to leave the dance floor! So, I taught them – and they got it sooo fast !

For the second half of the evening, Jeannine and I created cards with fireworks images on them for people to contemplate. On one half of the inside of the card they described how they extend their light into the world. On the left side they were to give themselves a firework name and write that in the card. We then gathered in a circle and gave each person a party popper that shot forth multi colored paper as if it were a firework. Each person said their firework name and pulled the string to shoot their colors into the air. Each popper surprised us with a different combination of colors. I ended the evening by giving an affirmation that we would all leave and go forth shining our colors into the world because the world needs all of to shine.

firework image

What would your firework name be?

On June 22nd, Jeannine and I performed in another marimba concert with our band, Knob Mentality. Actually, we have just changed our name. It is now…. TITANDARE. This is a Shona word from Zimbabwe that means “Let’s have a good time together.” This was a gathering of several groups from Kutandara, a school in Boulder that teaches marimba. It was at the White Tail Park in Lafayette, CO. We barbequed and played for all the people who came out to hear us. It was fun to jam with different players from the different groups, and a good time was had by all!


On the social media front you can now follow Jeannine and me on Instagram and Twitter. Our name is GoodeandSharp. Jeannine and I have been having fun posting photos and we’re especially enjoying the responses we’ve received from people following our posts.

On June 28th Jeannine and I went to see poet, David Whyte. He’s such a gifted teacher of poetry and how it speaks into our lives. He’s one of the few poets actually making money! We were with him most of the day and it was a beautiful experience. I left with a feeling of being more deeply connected to the everyday details of life in a more meaningful and visceral way. David helped us remember how not to take anything for granted, even the smallest things. This is one of the things poetry can do… focus our attention on the most minute details of life and enlarge them in a way that gets into our consciousness and then does its work… changing us in subtle but powerful ways.

That evening, Jeannine and I went to see Angelique Kidjo perform at Chautauqua here in Boulder. After two years of studying African music for a project we will soon unveil, we’re now enjoying going to see African artists perform in person. Angelique is a world renown, Grammy award winning singer whom few people in the US are aware of. She put on a fantastic show and gave an incredible performance. At one point in the show, she had everyone up out of their seats and dancing!… to the chagrin of some of the security personnel and venue officials! She voiced from the stage, “If you didn’t want people to dance, you shouldn’t have invited me here!” We all cheered… and danced! At one point she even had as many people join her on the stage as it would hold. She then engaged in African dance with them while the percussionists joined everyone in the middle of the stage. She literally created an African village right there for all of us to witness, enjoy and be a part of. And she showed us that moving your body (she’s 53 years old herself) and dancing at any age can be a wonderful, joy-filled release.

Angelique Kidjo

As we move on into the rest of July, I hope that you enjoy your summer! Keep the light shining and send your beautiful colors exploding into whatever life endeavors you are in the midst of.

May you have Power For Life Now!