Laying on of Hands


I was conducting my last service for a church that follows a liturgical model, meaning they follow a prescribed format written in the bulletin.

When I walked down on the floor to do the Pastoral Prayer, I took a number of prayer requests. Then a gentleman raised his hand and said he would like the church to pray for me as I prepared to end my time there and seek God’s next assignment. He wondered if it would be alright if the church gathered around me, laid hands on me and prayed for me and my family. I knew he wasn’t really asking for my approval. He was asking the church members if they would accept the unorthodox challenge to do something unexpected, something not written in the bulletin, that he sensed was the right thing to do in the moment.

I simply said, “Well? Presbyterians?” And waited for them to decide.

Opportunities for breakthroughs happen when you least expect them. They sneak up on you and surprise you. And they ask the question… are you ready to grow?… to go beyond what is comfortable in order to move into new levels of spiritual maturity, service to others, and walking with God, ready to move when God moves in you and through you?

Now, this may not have been a challenge for many churches. And this church, full of wonderful people was a mix of those who favored tradition and expected order, and those who would welcome new ideas and spontaneous happenings that are Spirit-guided.

There was a moment of pregnant pause, and finally, someone said, “Yes.” I don’t know who it was. But that was all that was needed. A yes.  And the church got up from their pews and gathered around me and laid hands on me. I gave the microphone to the gentleman who suggested this ritual. He prayed a most wonderful prayer, one that ushered in for me a palpable sense of God’s grace and providence. I felt the energy of the group flow into me like a breath of air when inhaling. I received a strong feeling of love, confidence and hope about the future. There was a sense of being held and supported by the strength of God, which came through the prayers and thoughts of those gathered. It was a wonderful moment for both me and the church. It was a breakthrough moment of letting God’s spirit move freely.

God is always challenging us not to put Spirit in a box. Not the box of printed bulletins, or tradition or habit. God is beyond all formalities, and does not conform to our ideas of convenience. God is always ready to do a new thing in each of us. We must however, learn to trust the guidance of God in the moment. IN THE MOMENT.  That demands a listening spirit, and open heart, and a willingness to ‘Go with God.’ When that happens we rise above fear. Then amazing things can occur in your life, because you are not bound by the way things HAVE to be. You will be able to flow with the Spirit.

It took trust and courage for that young man to speak up as he did. It took a bold response and an act of faith for the church to gather in the moment. And we were all blessed.


Affirmation – I am ready for a breakthrough. I want to grow. I am humble enough and strong enough.

May you have Power for Life Now!

Power For Life Now, May Newsletter

The May Tap Into Transformation was a wonderful event and all had a good time as we celebrated the spirit of “Fiesta.”

fiesta 6

We tap-danced the Mexican hat dance!

fiesta 3
Mexican hat

After a scrumptious feast, Jeannine led us into a time of creative a new celebration. She paired people up in twos and prompted by eight questions, these ‘teams’ set out to create a new celebration. They were then folded and placed in the Mexican hat. We then had a drawing, and the winner would have their celebration done at next month’s Tap Into Transformation. The winning celebration was a celebration of Freedom and Happiness done with a BOLLYWOOD theme! So June’s Tap Into Transformation will be a Bollywood blowout of freedom and happiness. You may want to show up for this!

We ended our evening with a piñata.

fiesta 5

Jeannine and I filled it with candy and little trinkets, including mini bouncy balls. It was fun watching everybody chase after them as they bounced every which way.

fiesta 1

We even danced the Mexican Hat Dance one more time. People just didn’t want to leave! One of our dancers was kind enough to take a picture so Jeannine and I could be in it. I must learn how to use the timer on my smart phone.

fiesta 4

Jeannine and I are looking forward to the Bollywood event next month. We have been looking at instructional videos, Indian movies and music videos to soak up the popular dance style.

So, stay tuned. More to come.

May you have Power For Life Now!

Sharpettes and Annie Ruth’s Truths, May

I began creating what I call Sharpettes over 30 years ago. As a speaker and writer they became my own way of sharpening my understanding of the meaning, power, and energy of a single word. I am sharing them publicly now in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The first line is the word.
The second line defines or describes the word twice, 4 syllables for each attempt. You may place a comma or semi-colon between each attempt. So, the second line has a total of 8 syllables.
The third line is a simile. It always begins with the word “Like”, and paints a picture of the word in 10 or 11 syllables.

On some Sharpettes the 4th or 5th syllable of the third line will rhyme with the word on the first line itself. This can yield another insight into the word chosen, and provides a unique and fun poetic challenge.



challengs photo

Put to the test, Compete against
Like a dare to risk failure… or success


Annie Ruth’s Truths are my renderings of folk wisdom and country common sense, gained from a lifetime of listening to my mom, who has a unique way with words, as well as a witty, joyous and playful attitude to go with it! Always fun or sassy, they tell the truth and can make you laugh, shake your head and go “Hmph!” or even make you shout, “Whaaat?!”

MOM-AND-ME-IN-TAP-POSE-240x300On work:
Look in the mirror. Tell yourself that you are good at what you do. If you are not, then be honest and vow to get good. Then do it.

There is no other way… make the sacrifice…spend the time…do the work… and make it fun!

Then… if the opportunity doesn’t come…well, you are still good!