Tap Into Power For Life

Tap into Power for Life
A Workshop Exploring Tap Dance as Spiritual Practice
Dr. David Sharp and Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen

March 21-23, 2014

Friday, 6-9 pm – A special performance by Jeannine & David
Plus dinner and group tap dancing, $25.00
(Free for those who have registered for the workshop.)
Saturday, 9 am – 5 pm    Sunday, 9 am – 3 pm 
Cost: $350

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Tapping connects my body to the earth in a profound and physically powerful way. It helps me stand my ground – and move in the world with more focus, direction and purpose. – David Sharp

Tapping is letting God speak through my feet. There are truths about God, about my Soul, that ONLY my feet can express through the sound and vibration of the tapping. – Jeannine Goode-Allen

This workshop shows how tap dancing can be a potent and useful tool to help you connect to your spiritual life in a powerful and deepening way… and it’s completely enjoyable! You will open creatively and be empowered to access the resources within you to live the challenges of life while retaining joy and humor.

This will be a personal and intimate journey, as we reveal how tap dancing has been an amazing source of happiness and healing in our lives. We will show you how the myriad of human emotions can all be expressed through tap dance and how to use it to transform pain into joy and joy into fits of laughter! No previous tap dancing experience is necessary.

With basic tap steps as our language, we will journey into our hearts, souls, and minds to see what is there to be talked about; to be stomped and stepped, tapped and touched…acknowledged and even transformed! We will sing and shout with our feet. We will become a joyous toe-tapping, foot stomping community!! Oh yeah!

You will take with you the knowledge and experience that tap dance, as fun as it is, is much more than entertainment – and of how to include the earth beneath your feet as part of individual and communal spiritual practice.

Come and be part of this transformational and up-lifting experience!
Talk with Jeannine or David, or visit www.viriditasllc.com or www.powerforlifenow.com

Before The Work

When trying something new for the first time, there may be many emotions you find yourself going through. I am, along with my wife Jeannine, preparing to present our first weekend workshop. It is called Tap Into Power For Life, and I am finding I am in need of my own workshop!

Perhaps that is one reason it is happening. I have often heard that people choose professions based on what they themselves actually need as much as any other motivation. I don’t doubt it. In any case, I find myself experiencing everything from excitement to fear, doubt to confidence.

I was wondering why the rollercoaster ride? I have attended many weekend workshops and have been a part of the leadership of many others. Presenting a workshop of our own is a natural step and evolution.

As I ventured forth into my own analysis I was reminded, simply, that I am human. It is normal to feel the above feelings and more when venturing forth into new areas of growth and opportunity. It is a threshold into new territory, a gateway into a newness of being. It is exciting, yes… I am ready, yes… and at the same time… I hope I am ready, even if I know I am. And I must laugh. I must not take myself too seriously, even if I take my work seriously.

In the final analysis, I find that I have to let go of my own ego. I must give the venture up. I must give it back to the One who gave us the idea in the first place. I must give it back to the One who has led and guided my whole life to get me to this point.

I must trust.


To trust is to allow oneself to be taken care of…. provided for… given the things necessary to succeed. Trust is giving over to God what belongs to God in the first place. It is to allow the grace of Divinity to flow by consciously letting go of what has been given, of what you think is yours.

I love the Scriptural passage in 2nd Timothy 1:12 that says “God is able to take care of the things that we entrust to God.”  In a wonderful gift of the original language which we do not see readily in English, that same verse could be translate to read that God is able to take care of that God entrusts to us! This points to a symbiotic relationship where God and human are co-creating.

I also like the saying that what we are is God’s gift to us… and what we become is our gift to God.

Though Jeannine and I are doing this workshop together, there is another who is very much a part of this. We have a third partner. And as we communicate and let go of our hopes of what will happen, who will sign up, and how we will perform…there is a peace that comes with trusting the Creator to know what is best. All we have to do is pray, watch what happens, rejoice and give thanks. And with that comes peace.

And that is exactly what we hope to pass on in the workshop. Peace.

May you have Power For Life Now,

Sharpettes & Annie Ruth’s Truths, March

I began creating what I call Sharpettes over 30 years ago. As a speaker and writer they became my own way of sharpening my understanding of the meaning, power, and energy of a single word. I am sharing them publicly now in hopes that you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The first line is the word.
The second line defines or describes the word twice, 4 syllables for each attempt. You may place a comma or semi-colon between each attempt. So, the second line has a total of 8 syllables.
The third line is a simile. It always begins with the word “Like”, and paints a picture of the word in 10 or 11 syllables.

On some Sharpettes the 4th or 5th syllable of the third line will rhyme with the word on the first line itself. This can yield another insight into the word chosen, and provides a unique and fun poetic challenge.



Foolish, silly; Nonsensical
Like attempting to reach the horizon.

Flying pigs


Annie Ruth’s Truths are my renderings of folk wisdom
and country common sense, gained from a lifetime of
listening to my mom, who has a unique way with
words, as well as a witty, joyous and playful attitude
to go with it! Always fun or sassy, they tell the truth
and can make you laugh, shake your head and go
“Hmph!” or even make you shout, “Whaaat?!”

Annie Ruth & David

Annie Ruth & David

“My mind might be gone but my mouth is still
working. I might not know what I’m saying, but I’m saying it anyway.”


Tap Into Transformation, March

Let’s sing, dance, and grow together while having an absolute BLAST!!

At the Viriditas Studio 4939 N. Broadway, Unit 65,
Boulder, CO 80304
March 7, 2014 7:00 – 9:00 pm


Vision in the light of St. Patrick’s Day
is the theme for our
 Tap Into Transformation!

Divine painting; Seeing your call
Like a lightning bolt from God showing the way.

Did you know that St. Patrick had a vision? Did you know that St. Patrick was not Irish? Did you know that St. Patrick was a slave? Come and find out more about St. Patrick and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a new way with us. Yes, we want you to wear green? Yes, we will have Irish food and drink. However, this year we are going to invite you to tap-dance your visions to the beat of Irish music.

Join husband and wife duo Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen and Dr. David Sharp in an evening of transformational song, poetry and tap dancing in our gorgeous and inspiring Viriditas Studio in North Boulder. You will laugh, smile and stomp your feet while feeling the joy of moving your body and opening your heart to awe, wonder, beauty gratitude and more.

Our world so needs each of us to step out onto the stage of life and make manifest our great potential. Experience us as we pave the way to do this by exhibiting the power of Divinity In Action through our spectacular and fun gifts.

St. Patrick

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity, in a creative community, to share and honor your own gifts, or be inspired to dive into new ones!  We will teach you tap steps, and with these tools, we will journey into our hearts to praise, complain, thank and bless. We will create rhythms, poetry, and prayers with our feet, our voices and our bodies, individually and as a group.

To Reserve Tickets:
1.888.612.8189 or www.viriditasllc.com
$15.00 admission $10.00 students

No experience necessary and we provide the tap
shoes! We provide a healthy and tasty meal at the intermission.

Let’s sing, dance, and grow together while having an absolute BLAST!!