Tap Into Transformation, April – Dance Like An Archangel!

Have you ever wanted to dance like an Archangel?  Jeannine and I aren’t kidding! The Watcher

In our April, Tap into Transformation we are going to expand on our theme of “remembering who we are” by connecting to the Angels in our tap shoes.

Come experience power, love, creativity and unwavering faith.

The Archangel Michael

April 5, 2013.
Time: 7:00 to 9:00pm
Where: Viriditas Studio
Address: 4939 North Broadway, Unit 65,
Boulder, CO 80304
Cost: $15.00
Questions: Info@PowerForLifeNow.com

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Hope you can join us!

Power For Life Now, March Newsletter


To hold in mind; not to forget
Like an anchor keeping a ship in place.

David Sharp

Our March Tap Into Transformation turned out to be a wonderful evening of both fun and deep wisdom shared. Honoring African American history month was the catalyst for all of us to acknowledge those who came before us; whose shoulders we stand on to be here now. We experienced through our feet and body movements a range of emotions inspired by the journeys of our ancestors. We honored both their hardships and their triumphs. Movements that began as an illustration of pain were turned into a joyful noise of toe-tapping, heart-felt jubilation!

Then came four expressions of what I call Annie Ruth’s Truths. Annie Ruth is my mother and she has a way of giving guidance and encouragement that is sometimes humorous, pithy, but always filled with wisdom.  We started with putting into our bodies and feet the phrases “Two wrongs don’t make a right”… then, “God don’t like ugly”… then, “Be big”. Finally, the call to “Remember who you are” became a vehicle that allowed each of us to express through whole body movement along with tap a powerful statement about our inner identity, who we are and how we see ourselves. For example, one person skipped, another jumped with wild abandon with arms powerfully extended and laughing; another sang while opening arms to embrace us all; another twirled, and then touched the ground. Still another simply wiggled their fingers above their heads, dropping the energy of glory and delight onto us, and another ran around hugging each person in the group! The reactions to each person’s expression of themselves was an affirmation that sometimes we don’t  “see” the real inner person until they are in a place of safety to “go for it” and reveal themselves. That is what Tap Into Transformation offered the participants in this edition.

The second half was a deep sharing of the cultures we all come from and how they have contributed to the people we are. The wisdom that we gained through our cultures was shared and honored by all in attendance.

We ended by me reading a section from my book, I’m a Black Man, Who are You.  The words were spoken by the ancestor Mbase (M-boss-ay) who first landed as a slave in America. He also called for all of us to remember who we are in the world (a child of the Creator), and no matter what happens IN the world, we will be just fine.

“Yep, jus’ keeps yo’ magara and remember who y’are, an’ you’ll be fine…”

As I promised in my February newsletter please find below the links to view the interviews that I’ve subsequently completed.  It was really fun to do both the newspaper and radio interviews.

The Boulder Daily Camera reporter, Aimee Heckel interviewed me on Tues. Feb. 19th asking me questions that allowed me to really explain my work, and they got it right in the actual paper!  I was especially pleased that my wife, Dr. Jeannine Goode-Allen could be with me while they snapped pictures of us dancing. We both got on the front page of the Sunday Arts section!  Read here.

The radio interview was also enjoyable. Maeve Conran at KGNU Radio interviewed me on Tuesday, Feb. 19 in the afternoon.  This medium is great for tap dance, and I got to tap for the radio audience.  You’ll hear how the interview wove my dancing and singing into the background of the 45 minute conversation.  Listen here. (At apprx. time frame 14:00 stream, and 16:30 download.)

I’m thrilled to announce my CD’s are now available for sale on CD baby & iTunes!  You can listen to and purchase, God The Mighty Spirit  here as well as I’m a Black Man, Who Are You? here.

Look forward to April’s Tap Into Transformation, April.  We’re going to dance like an Archangel!

More next month after I return from Germany!