Oscar’s 2013

statuesI usually enjoy watching the major awards shows that honor the year’s best achievements in music, movies, and Broadway. This year’s Oscars telecast was a different experience for me. It was filled with more crass, crude, and distasteful humor than I remember in the past. Maybe I am just getting older. Or, maybe I am actually growing into a consciousness where humor at the expense of others is not nearly as funny as the people telling the jokes, and those laughing, thinks it is. I hope that is the case.

This blog is about spiritual growth… and becoming more and more conscious of being awake and aware of our own evolution as loving people. That being said, the most egregious and un-loving comment was not even on the Oscar telecast… but on Twitter, that now ubiquitous social media forum that takes a sound bite and makes it major news for a minute or two. Now, in the microseconds of fame that Twitter can open for some, that small amount of time can do some good…or can cause great harm. Once it gets out, it is out, no matter what happens after that.

Well, the comment that was made on Twitter by the satirical print outfit, The Onion, to the world, called 9-year-old Oscar nominee Quvenshane Wallis by a derogatory sexual term. It is bad enough that it was done. But to do so at the expense of a child is about as low as it gets. It not only uncovers and exposes the innate ability of one person’s consciousness to dive into the lowest depths of being-ness, it also exposes the ego as a source of both jealousy and cruelty. More on that later.

My mother use to say (and still does say)… “God don’t like ugly.” My dad would always remind me to “be Big.” It was his way of encouraging me to be above the crudeness and mean spiritedness of the world; that there is a higher calling we are to live.

No person in his or her right mind would stoop as low as the Onion did…or, at least, as low as the writer FOR the Onion did. However, in this world, stooping low to raise yourself up is one common theme we see over and over as a strategy for success. You can say it is the way of the world, and you’d be correct… but the sacred texts remind us that we are… in the world, but not of it.

The derogatory comment was ‘inspired’ by an interview where young Quvenshane said she had a great chance to win the Oscar. This confident remark was taken offense to by the unknown Onion Twitterer. In my estimation, this child was simply expressing the confidence that we should all have in life. She was expressing her joy of living, and achieving, and accomplishing. Fortunately, (yes, fortunately), she was also expressing her innocence… and demonstrating for us life as the precious and joyful gift it is. Of course she had a great chance of winning!… even if she didn’t win. She was nominated… and you have to be in order to win, or lose. And, losing the Oscar still makes one a winner.

imagesQuvenshane had her Magara working, both on the interview that irritated the Onion writer and on Oscar night. Magara is a concept that comes from Africa and is still lived by many African Americans, though the term is not widely known. Today, it is known as having “Soul”. Magara is the belief that JOY and PROSPERITY are gifts that come with your being born. It is not attached to money or possessions. It has to do with the richness of your friendships, the honor of your good name, your trustworthiness, to name a few. Magara is the joy of life that holds you up IN life… and can protect you FROM life. It is the strength of your life expressed as joy! You can have as much as you have the faith to claim, and you claim it by calling for it – right out of the air, and willing it to yourself no matter what gets in the way.

This is the joy that was demonstrated by the young actress. She has not yet learned to squelch pure joy… it bubbles up naturally, and can look like arrogance to people whose egos are challenged by someone so young doing something so well and being so rewarded for it. They cannot see the divinity expressed within through the joyfulness expressed without. This young girl has not yet learned to express herself in the false humility too often seen at these kinds of awards shows. Adults know they are ‘suppose’ to ‘act’ humble. Children know how to ‘be.’ That is why, in our society, you see workshops on letting your inner child come out. It is more honest than our trained adult selves.

May whoever posted the Twitter bash learn from this; maybe even grow from this. Instead of trying to be the first to say something that gets read because it is crude (even-though it may have been a brave attempt to speak an untruth that might get them a little fame), may they try creating humor that sees deeply into the human heart and strikes at the core of our common experiences, and ultimately makes us better, wiser. That is truly brave, and it can be funny, even hilarious, and satirical.

True humor is medicine for the soul. It is healing. What was expressed about this beautiful, talented child makes the soul sick, and does no good. However, out of it good can come… because… God works all things for good. The backlash showed us that there is a community of awake and conscious people who say “NO” to this kind of harm, and who are speaking back… even on Twitter in the manner that caused the harm in the first place.

As we grow in awareness of our true identity and divinity, we can access the Power For Life Now that allows us to always see the beauty in a person, instead of seeing with our egos, which always want to… Edge God Out.

May it be so.

Tap Into Transformation, March – Celebrate African American History Month

Our March, Tap Into Transformation event will honor African American History Month.  We will be engaging you in connecting with your ANCESTORS, those people without whom you wouldn’t be here.  We will be using wisdom from African American culture to connect you with your own culture and its inherent wisdom, as every culture has its own expression of Universal Truth.

Both Jeannine and I will be sharing personal stories of their connections to their ancestors.  I will share my poetry and stories from my recently published book as an inspiration for us to express joy through our feet.  (Remember, we have tap shoes for all to use!)


I will also share my song Whoop! Believe me, no one will be sitting still when that happens!

When: March 1, 2013.
Time: 7:00 to 9:00pm
Where: Viriditas Studio
Address: 4939 North Broadway, Unit 65, Boulder, CO 80304
Cost: $15.00
Questions: Info@powerforlifenow.com
Click here to purchase tickets.

Hope you can join us!

Power For Life Now, February Newsletter

This month is all about LOVE!  We started this month with our Tap Into Transformation where we debuted my song “Always” as a duet.  I played the new Steinway, and Jeannine sang the harmony line that I recently composed.  Here are the opening lyrics:

“God so loved the world, God sent a Holy Son…
     And those who receive, will have LIFE always…”

I also shared a dramatic poem which I  wrote called “The Mountain and the Valley” which is about appreciating the gifts we each have and loving ourselves.

With enough tap shoes for everyone, we created a group “Tap Prayer” based on each person contributing an individual movement. You should have seen us expressing LOVE through our feet! People shared that they felt invigorated for days afterwards.

Jeannine and I traveled to Benet Hill Monastery, in Colorado Springs, CO to present  Hildegard’s Journey Through The Senses: A Traveling Exhibit. Jeannine presented virtually all the Exhibit pieces along with Hildegard’s Parsley Honeywine and Nerve Cookies to over one hundred Benedictine nuns and their students studying to be Spiritual Directors.

We were overwhelmed by their hospitality, kindness and interest. I shared the wisdom of my parent’s lives and sold lots of books!  We both sang and tap danced to Psalm 91 as a grand finale. They will all be praying for us on our trip to Germany in March!

The “Africa Journey” continues.  I have been swept away by the music of Africa, composing into the wee hours of the morning. We are in full swing learning the rhythms of Africa with Djembe drum lessons every Tuesday night. Gary Grundei and his wife joined us for Femi Kuti and his band Positive Force at the Boulder Theater.  We were all deeply moved by the beauty, vitality and commitment of this group and their music.

IN THE NEWS!  I have had a wonderful rush of publicity recently, which has kept me very busy!

Boulder Daily Camera reporter, Aimee Heckel interviewed me the morning of Tuesday. Feb. 19th. Read the article here.

Maeve Conran at KGNU Radio interviewed me in the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 19th.  I’ll share the link once the interview airs.

BlackCity Info.com posted my Tap Into Transformation event for March in honor of African American History Month. (view here)

Datzhott.com wrote an article about my new book. (view here)

News 12 Connecticut is interviewing me for a half hour talk show in late March.  I’ll share the link once the interview airs.

Last but not least my book is now available for purchase in Barnes & Noble Bookstores! Click here to view/purchase.

If any of you, my dear friends who have read my book would be so kind to write reviews on either Barnes & Noble or Amazon I would appreciate your support!  You may do so here: Barnes & Noble review and Amazon.com review.

March will be a busy month with our Tap Into Transformation and flying to Germany for Jeannine’s pilgrimage retreat to Hildegard’s Homeland.  We’ll celebrate the Spring Equinox and spend ten days steeped in the magic of Germany, visiting Hildegard’s Abbeys, cruising the Rhine River, touring Castle Rheinfels in St. Goar and soaking in the wisdom of Dr. Matthew Fox.  I’ve been trying to learn German in a hurry so I can enjoy the trip as more of a local than a tourist!

May this month and every day be filled with LOVE!