Falling Into Wonder

On Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012, 41-year-old Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner rose up in a hot air balloon approximately 128,000 ft. above the earth… and jumped. He fell to earth, a distance of about 23 miles, free falling faster than the speed of sound, more than 800 mph, and landed on his feet.
space jump

People from all over the world witnessed this event, recorded by 35 cameras, using their phones, pads, and other media portals. It was a stunt sponsored by an energy drink company and achieved by a man who loves to push the boundaries of human possibility. A successful jump would add to the information of what is possible for humans in high altitude situations.

After the jump, Baumgartner is quoted saying, “We live to conquer fears and pursue dreams. May our attempts and accomplishments progress humankind.”

We still live in an age of wonder. Where are dreams can become reality, if we are connected to the Source which gives us the resources to make it happen.

We must remember that… with God, all things are possible.

Baumgartner did not accomplish this feat of science and wonder by contemplating that he couldn’t do it. That would have stopped him. Instead, he contemplated that this was possible, and he wanted to make this possibility a reality.

Baumgartner believes that God, the Creative Source of all there is, guides us into our best destiny. He believes that he is here to live out his own destiny designed for him and his set of gifts and talents. Whatever fear may have been present was trumped by the passion and excitement of the possibility, and a feeling that this is what he was made for. Knowing he had the skills and the will galvanized his actions and set in motion all the things necessary for the manifestation of this amazing achievement.

The Wright Brothers didn’t discover the laws of flying by contemplating the staying on the ground of things. They contemplated the soaring of things.

The laws of floatation were not discovered by contemplating the sinking of things.

Likewise, you must contemplate the success of the things you want. Many people do just the opposite. They contemplate failure, or the many ways things can go wrong. This can set in motion the manifestation of the very things one is afraid of.

Deep inside of us we know what we are made for and what our purpose is. This is what we must continually pay attention to.

You do not attract into your life what you want. You attract into your life what you are… and you are what you think about, what you spend time contemplating.

Our thoughts are things that begin the process of manifesting whatever is in our lives. The law of attraction operates to bring into our lives that which we continually think about.

Watch your thinking. Become aware of the thoughts you hold in mind. You can change your thinking by making a conscious decision to stop negative thoughts and instead continually allow the thoughts that will move you closer to your goal or dream.

Tap Into Transformation, December

Jeannine and I are thrilled to be preparing our December Tap Into Transformation event on Dec. 7th!

This time BOTH of us will be playing keyboard!  And not only that…BOTH of us will be singing in Latin!!!

This time we especially are excited to have you join us as we explore Visionary Tap Prayer together. Come ready to explore and express your own visions through your feet!

Tap dancing has played an integral role in both of our spiritual journeys, and we invite you to begin to experience the miracles that tap dancing can produce in your own life.

Jeannine and I love to tap dance. For both of us tap dancing has been a way of expressing and working through our pain as well as accessing joy.

Jeannine used tap dancing to heal a pelvis that had become frozen in pain. She then started using tap dancing to express the power of sacred texts, primarily those of Hildegard of Bingen.             

My journey with tap dancing started as I witnessed my mother’s healing via her own tap dancing. Initially I wanted to help others by entertaining, which I did–performing on film, television, and stage. Then God called me into ministry and I discovered that tap dancing could be used as a form of prayer, meditation, and even as a sermon!

Hope you can join us for Tap Into Transformation on December 7th!